36: A Nice Book About Bunny Rabbits

What could go wrong in a book about bunnies? Plenty, if that book is Watership Down, a classic children's novel that's been traumatizing kids for nearly 50 years. Also traumatized is Chris Osborne of Play Comics, who joins us as we follow a band of bunnies on their epic quest for survival. Meanwhile, Megan relives childhood horrors, Chris learns a language, and RJ makes enough rabbit puns to constitute a…


Sandusky Family Business – Bonus Episode

Proving that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, we have recorded a mini-episode (a mini-sode?) on the new revelations that the son of Jerry Sandusky has ALSO been convicted of child molestation. Join us as we dive into that family cesspool once again, get an update on Blank's latest gambling setbacks and also why his nose started bleeding recently.


Episode 11

I read out Beyond the con and mention my visit to an E3 Bethesda stream, also for some reason decide to read the news before passing out at the end. Enjoy!


Spider-Man 2 with Kieran Shiach

Spider-Man, we just can't get away from him can we? Not that I'm complaining, he's a popular character for a reason. This time around joing Chris and Kieran Shiach as they talk about the second Toby McGuire Spider-Man film and the game that came out alongside it. Yeah, we're cheating a bit and jumping ahead. I think we'll survive just this once. Learn such things as: What makes this game…


Episode 3: Stick to Sports

Gremlins I tells ya! If you are hearing Chipmunks, and not even on purpose, please redownload our episode. Unfortunately our review edit made its way onto the live feed. Thank you for your understanding! Join us this week as Dan, Ron, and Kyle discuss the outcomes of the NBA and NHL finals, the Triple Crown, and the World Cup! Also, we introduce a brand new segment called "Stick to Sports"…


Bonus Fantastic Four with Kayleigh Osborne

The Fantastic Four? Yeah, we're not really there yet. But I think that's a travesty so we're going to cheat a little bit and look at something Fantastic Four. Umm, yeah, we'll go with that. Learn such things as: When is the first Fantastic Four game coming out anyway? What revelation did Chris have while recording? And how does he keep doing this? Did Chris remember that Silver Surfer came…


Episode 24 – Epomis Beetle: An Underbug Story

The animal kingdom usually seems pretty straightforward. The bigger animal eats the smaller animal. But there are some cases where the tables are turned and the little guys win. At first glance, the Epomis beetle might seem like an easy meal for a hungry frog. But not all is as it seems in this brutal episode of Life, Death, and Taxonomy. Art by xnamaru


Dennis the Menace Featuring Rhett Hall

Dennis the Menace (the American one at least) is a cultural icon. Anyone who read the comics as a child most likely knows who Dennis is and followed his adventures. But is that enough to save this game from the trash pile? Learn such things as: The shifting sense of who we feel sorry for in this comic. Is Dennis really that bad? What revelation was made while recording that…


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