Wolverine with Doug Hensley

Wolverine is the X-Man that everyone loved in the 90s so of course he got his own game. But is that nostalgia trip enough to make Chris and Doug Hensley from Gaming & Chill enjoy a run through another LJN released game?

Learn such things as:

  • Why can’t Wolverine’s powers ever be right?
  • Where did he come from anyway? Does anyone even know?
  • Why are these other random X-Men just sitting around waiting for Logan instead of, you know, helping him out or something?
  • And so much more!

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You can find Doug at Gaming and Chill and on Twitter @Gaming_n_Chill

Thanks to Karrington Martin of Real Dudes Podcast for that sweet sweet intro drop

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Music by Best Day, who makes amazing stuff that you should go check out.

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