Boston Marathon Bombings

This episode we do some crack reporting (and crack some beers) as we discuss the Boston Marathon Bombings of 2013. Join us as we dig a bit into the history of The Boston Marathon, the bombings and the manhunt for the criminals -- with a side story about Jesse's obsession with Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman.


Clifford Ettiene: Boxer and Cocaine Criminal

Join us this week as we dive into our first (but definitely not last) criminal boxer!! Follow along as this renaissance man goes from armed robber to the heights of the boxing world, to cocaine fueled rampage, then on to a 105-year prison sentence where he becomes a painter!


Sandusky Family Business – Bonus Episode

Proving that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, we have recorded a mini-episode (a mini-sode?) on the new revelations that the son of Jerry Sandusky has ALSO been convicted of child molestation. Join us as we dive into that family cesspool once again, get an update on Blank's latest gambling setbacks and also why his nose started bleeding recently.


OJ Simpson: America’s Favorite “Alleged” Murder, Part 3

In part 3 of our O.J. Simpson coverage we take a deep dive into the actual trial part of the "Trial of the Century" and the eventual acquittal by a very suspect/lazy jury pool! As an added bonus, learn more about how Blank is a soft touch for beggars in the bathroom line and why he has the phone numbers of prostitutes saved into his phone....enjoy!!!


Craig Titus & Kelly Ryan — Extreme Roid Rage

This week we take a look at what happens when you combine bodybuilders, steroids, drugs, a love triangle and Vegas (Hint: Nothing good). Join Jesse, Michael, and a very St. Patrick's Day version of Jason as we discuss the very dysfunctional relationship of Craig Titus and Kelly Ryan and their brutal murder of Melissa James.


Brian Spencer: Like Father, Like Son

This week’s Field of Screams finds Jesse, Jason and Michael exploring the rise and fall of pro-hockey player Brian “Spinner” Spencer. We thought all Canadians were polite, but ol’ “Spinner” proved to be an exception to the stereotype. His dalliances with drug deals and murder weren’t much of a surprise, considering that his father wasn’t known in the Spencer household for being reasonable and understanding himself. Listen to the story…


The 1972 Munich Olympics Massacre, Part 2

In part two of our episode on the Munich Olympic Massacre, we delve more into the completely uncoordinated efforts of the Munich police, as well as the German government and its active cover up of the incident. Also, Blank continues to distrust all German transportation offers.


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