Sally “Killer” McNeil

In this episode we cover Sally McNeil, who somewhat prophetically gave herself the nickname "Killer" years before she became one. Join us as we delve into the violent relationship Sally and her fellow bodybuilder husband, Ray, had from the beginning all the way through to his murder over some chicken.


Oscar Pistorius: Tink-Tink Goes Bang-Bang

This week we cover the roller coaster life of the fastest man with no legs, Oscar Pistorius. He rose to fame and became an inspiration to millions for overcoming his disability, but it all came crashing down on Valentine's Day 2013 when he murdered his girlfriend while she was on the toilet. So join us as we (well, Jason) robotrip through one of the biggest crimes in South African sports…


The Off Cuts Episode

In this "special" episode of Field of Screams that we're calling Off Cuts, we share some of our rambling (hopefully funny and entertaining) stories that were cut as they had absolutely no bearing on the episode we were discussing. We hope you enjoy it and we'll be back with a regular episode next week!


Don King: Disgusting In America

This episode we cover one of the biggest sleazebags of all time, Don King. From running a gambling syndicate in his youth, to murdering people, then to fleecing boxing icons out of millions of dollars, Don King has done it all -- while still rubbing elbows with celebrities and even multiple presidents. Join us as we coat ourselves in this terrible and disgusting human being....and that doesn't even cover his…


Boston Marathon Bombings

This episode we do some crack reporting (and crack some beers) as we discuss the Boston Marathon Bombings of 2013. Join us as we dig a bit into the history of The Boston Marathon, the bombings and the manhunt for the criminals -- with a side story about Jesse's obsession with Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman.


Clifford Ettiene: Boxer and Cocaine Criminal

Join us this week as we dive into our first (but definitely not last) criminal boxer!! Follow along as this renaissance man goes from armed robber to the heights of the boxing world, to cocaine fueled rampage, then on to a 105-year prison sentence where he becomes a painter!


Sandusky Family Business – Bonus Episode

Proving that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, we have recorded a mini-episode (a mini-sode?) on the new revelations that the son of Jerry Sandusky has ALSO been convicted of child molestation. Join us as we dive into that family cesspool once again, get an update on Blank's latest gambling setbacks and also why his nose started bleeding recently.


OJ Simpson: America’s Favorite “Alleged” Murder, Part 3

In part 3 of our O.J. Simpson coverage we take a deep dive into the actual trial part of the "Trial of the Century" and the eventual acquittal by a very suspect/lazy jury pool! As an added bonus, learn more about how Blank is a soft touch for beggars in the bathroom line and why he has the phone numbers of prostitutes saved into his phone....enjoy!!!


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