Episode 3: Stick to Sports

Gremlins I tells ya! If you are hearing Chipmunks, and not even on purpose, please redownload our episode. Unfortunately our review edit made its way onto the live feed. Thank you for your understanding! Join us this week as Dan, Ron, and Kyle discuss the outcomes of the NBA and NHL finals, the Triple Crown, and the World Cup! Also, we introduce a brand new segment called "Stick to Sports"…


Episode 1: A New Pucking Frontier

Meet Dan, Ron, and Kyle. Three friends who have one dream in life: to make a great sports podcast. In this pilot episode, the boys discuss the first round of the NHL playoffs. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram @ridethepinepod for news and updates as well as polls and trivia. Music for Ride the Pine was composed and performed by Austin Colon. You can find him on Twitter @austincolonband…


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