Episode 38 – Naked Mole Rate: Wrinkly Pink Old Rat

When searching for the key to a long cancer-free life, there is one place that few people want to look—which is directly into the beady, unblinking eyes of a hairless underground horror. Enter the naked mole rat, the sort of cold-blooded super ugly mammal with cells that loath social contact. But hey, maybe we’ll find the cure to cancer here in Life Death and Taxonomy. Art by xnamaru


Episode 37 – Mourning Gecko: A Lovely Lady Lizard

If you found yourself all alone on a desert island, you might be pretty lonely. But what if you could make friends… literally! There’s one little lizard that has developed a way to populate islands in the South Pacific with unorthodox methods. But, sometimes, strange and amazing adaptations are what it takes to pass on your genes in Life, Death, and Taxonomy. Art by xnamaru We have merch! Take a…


Episode 36 – Jaguar: The Champion of Chomp

The jungle is home to some of the most extraordinary creatures on planet Earth. One such creature stalks the rainforests of Central and South America as the king of the jungle: the jaguar. Pound for pound, this large feline has the second strongest bite of any mammal on Earth. But to survive beneath the Amazonian canopy, the jaguar must also be one of the most versatile creatures. It’s all part…


Episode 35 – Thresher Shark: Smack ’em and Snack ’em

The ocean is a great place with lots of room to roam. The perfect way to escape for the fish that call it home. “Just stick together and we’ll all be fine,” The friendly bait fish will chime. But there’s one who’s a master at the hunting craft, That captures prey with a whoosh and crack. The ocean may be great from high to low tied, But there’s one within…


Episode 34 – Japanese Honey Bee: Hot Hugs From Murderbugs

Being a honey bee means that you can get organic honey without paying the Trader Joe’s prices. But that doesn’t mean life is going to be easy. When predators barge through your hive’s front door, you need to bee like the Japanese Honey Bee and keep a trick hidden up your thorax. It’s just how a busy bee survives in Life, Death, and Taxonomy. Art by xnamaru Music: Eternity by…


Episode 32 – Geography Cone Snail: A Diabetical Evil

Imagine you’re enjoying a happy little snorkel off the coast of Australia. You’re obviously keeping an eye out for jellies and sharks, but—wait, what’s that? You see the beautifully intricate patterns of a snail shell on the ocean floor. You pick it up, but if it’s a cone snail, you’re in for a surprise. Considered one of the most venomous animals in the world, the geography cone snail won’t think…


Episode 31 – Barn Owl: The Sneaky Screech

A predator needs to be fast. The ever-alert prey of the fields and forests always have an ear and eye out for potential threats. If you’re not fast, there’s only one thing you can do, fly under the radar of those ears and eyes. Barn owls have adapted to forgo speed in favor of stealth. But how can they fly through the forest without being seen or heard by vigilant…


Episode 30 – Hoatzin: The Fowl-Smelling Tree Cow

If you’re walking through the Amazonian rainforest and you start to smell the undeniable fragrance of fresh manure, you may want to check the trees before you start scanning the forest floor for farm animals. The Hoatzin bird is the only bird in the world that eats and digests leaves like a cow. These birds look weird, smell bad, and have a poor work ethic, but what else did you…


Episode 29 – Humpback Whale: Krill or be Krilled

The ocean is a vast world filled with perils, including an array of large, voracious predators looking to make a meal out of anything they can get their jaws around. But there’s one aquatic avenger that seems to answer the call to protect and surf. The Humpback Whale is a creature with sophisticated intelligence but could it be advanced enough to feel empathy? A trait that’s truly rare in Life,…


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