While we are passionate people talking about passionate things, we may use a bit of explicit language at times.

The Wall Fly

Welcome to the show that lets you be a fly on the wall. Listen in as host Rhett Hall has a one-on-one conversation with the people that he finds interesting. While getting to know the subject, he tries to dig a bit deeper into what motivates them to do what they do, in hopes of inspiring a new generation of creators.

Oh No! Lit Class

Megan and RJ revisit your old Required Reading list, this time with cool facts and trivia, bad impressions, some surprisingly sexy plot summaries, and plenty of jokes to make you blush. Let’s ruin some literary classics together. New episodes every other Thursday.

There Might Be Cupcakes

Carla is: a bookdrunkard. a 40-something with psychology and counseling degrees with post-grad work in grief/loss/trauma, sex crimes, and forensic anthropology. a woman who has lived in three haunted houses. a former freelance journalist and counselor, who is never bored. a disabled introvert who sees connections everywhere–like John Nash, only less math-y. a knitting fidget who loves horror movies with a skewed passion. Like one of her heroes, Harriet the Spy, she wants to learn everything and write in all down (more likely than not in her bullet journal). Join her (and sometimes her friends) in her strange library as she INFJs everything from unused angles. It’s going to get weird in the best way. Let’s play.

Podern History X

Podern History X is a podcast that brings you little known stories from human history brought to you by a Social Studies major his and two inqusitive friends. Laugh and learn with Tom, Austin, and Lexi for a half hour(ish) every week!

Banana Split

Two men, two bananas…one mission! To bring you the latest gossip, reviews and insights into popculture on a weekly basis. We hope to have plenty of guests, interviews and to keep it an honest warts and all look at everything from cosplay to cinema. Join us as we grow both as people and podcasters, we might be loose units at times but we are passionate about our hobbies and can’t wait to share that with you!

Field of Screams

An irreverent look at the dark side of sports, including crimes, conspiracies and scandals. For fans of both sports and true crime, this podcast experience offers the perfect blend of both. Hosted by comedians Jason Voshall, Michael Blank and Jesse Schober.

Play Comics

Play Comics is a show that looks at video games based on comic properties and how faithful those games stay to the source material.

The Pyramid

Host Jesse Schober attempts to do the impossible and compile a comprehensive list of the 96 greatest players of all-time. He will attempt to do this by presenting his take on the Hall-of Fame Pyramid concept developed by the Pod Father himself, Bill Simmons.

Life, Death, and Taxonomy

Learn about all things animalia in this family friendly podcast. Each week Joe and Carlos dive deep into nature to find animals that have at least one amazing talent they use to survive. Gather up some animal knowledge and crazy nature facts to drop on your friends at parties with each new episode of Life, Death, and Taxonomy.

Solid Sixty

This is a weekly podcast beginning in April 2018 and ending the same month 2078. If I don’t have the confidence to be ambitious about having lots of fans I can at least swing for the fences regarding duration.

Ride the Pine

Bringing current sporting event news to life! Join hosts Dan Pineda, Ron Swarthout, and Kyle Hersey, as they discuss major sporting events throughout the year in a variety of different sports. They will also present fun segments centered around the sports currently being covered!

The Peanut Gallery Podcast


A weekly round up show where we talk about everything happening in the world of movies, tv! We talk news, upcoming films, trailers, our favorite shows, and nerd culture developments! Hosted by Rhett Hall, Jared Komenda, and Sean Wilson. New episodes drop every Saturday!
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