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An irreverent look at the dark side of sports, including crimes, conspiracies and scandals. For fans of both sports and true crime, this podcast experience offers the perfect blend of both. Hosted by comedians Jason Voshall, Michael Blank and Jesse Schober.
  • Anthony Wayne Smith: A Little Light Arson Followed By Serious Murder

    Anthony Wayne Smith: A Little Light Arson Followed By Serious Murder

    Join us this week as we discuss more health emergencies, Nazi memorabilia somebody’s family displays, Jesse’s continued crap taste in TV shows — oh, and even manage to spend a few minutes on ex-NFL star and convicted serial killer, Anthony Wayne Smith!Read More »
  • Sally “Killer” McNeil

    Sally “Killer” McNeil

    In this episode we cover Sally McNeil, who somewhat prophetically gave herself the nickname “Killer” years before she became one. Join us as we delve into the violent relationship Sally and her fellow bodybuilder husband, Ray, had from the beginning all the way through to his murder over some chicken.Read More »
  • Oscar Pistorius: Tink-Tink Goes Bang-Bang

    Oscar Pistorius: Tink-Tink Goes Bang-Bang

    This week we cover the roller coaster life of the fastest man with no legs, Oscar Pistorius. He rose to fame and became an inspiration to millions for overcoming his disability, but it all came crashing down on Valentine’s Day 2013 when he murdered his girlfriend while she was on the toilet. So join us …Read More »
  • The Off Cuts Episode

    The Off Cuts Episode

    In this “special” episode of Field of Screams that we’re calling Off Cuts, we share some of our rambling (hopefully funny and entertaining) stories that were cut as they had absolutely no bearing on the episode we were discussing. We hope you enjoy it and we’ll be back with a regular episode next week!Read More »
  • Don King: Disgusting In America

    Don King: Disgusting In America

    This episode we cover one of the biggest sleazebags of all time, Don King. From running a gambling syndicate in his youth, to murdering people, then to fleecing boxing icons out of millions of dollars, Don King has done it all — while still rubbing elbows with celebrities and even multiple presidents. Join us as …Read More »
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