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Podern History X is a podcast that brings you little known stories from human history brought to you by a Social Studies major and his two inqusitive friends. Laugh and learn with Tom, Austin, and Lexi for a half hour(ish) every week!

  • Lord Berners [S1E13]

    Lord Berners [S1E13]

    This week we cover an eccentric composer and writer named Lord Berners. I would go into a little bit of his story, but you really just have to listen to hear what is up with this musical mad man.Read More »
  • George Washington Carver [S1E12]

    George Washington Carver [S1E12]

    This week we bring you the story of inventor and impressive intellectual George Washington Carver, as part of our Black History Month series.Read More »
  • Robert Abbott [S1E11]

    Robert Abbott [S1E11]

    For our first episode during Black History Month, we bring to you the story of the founder of The Chicago Defender, an African American newspaper founded in 1905.Read More »
  • Caligula [S1E10]

    Caligula [S1E10]

    We’re back from our little hiatus! And now that we’re back he can bring you the story of the Roman Emperor that had a salacious movie made about his reign…the master of debauchery: CaligulaRead More »
  • Lt. Commander Bill Boaks [S1E9]

    Lt. Commander Bill Boaks [S1E9]

    Lieutenant Commander William George Boaks DSC (25 May 1904 – 4 April 1986) was a British Royal Navy officer who became an eccentric political campaigner for road safety…Read More »
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