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This is a weekly podcast beginning in April 2018 and ending the same month 2078. If I don’t have the confidence to be ambitious about having lots of fans I can at least swing for the fences regarding duration. Already nearly 40 at the inception of this selfcast/audio-diary I have to push on for sixty more years to see it out.

It won’t be a chore to do or listen to though, I plan on selecting my best works and reading them aloud while musing about the people in my life, important events and how close I am to reaching my goals. I also plan to occasionally interview family and friends about their lives and dreams.

Given the limited amount of time I get to spend with my sons I also hope it can be a form of archived historical document that they can dip into whenever they feel like catching up with dad. So for my friends, family and any potential fans…

Let’s get this show on the road!

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